The Story Behind TOY

“Back in 2014, in the city of "Rome", a young designer was taking her first steps toward her exciting fashion journey.

Inspired by her Egyptian culture and history, working through trials and errors in the search for the finest materials, she decided to go to California.

The city of opportunities gave her the light, as "Tale of You" evolved to be the brand she dreamed of. It became a reality in Cali 2022.”

Our Story

About us

 TOY "Tale of You ",  is a unique fashion brand that strives to change the way how comfort and luxury are perceived separately, as it aims to create pieces that bridge the gap between both.

Our collections are delivered to you with the finest of materials , woven and intertwined creatively , through which we aim to aspire unity, confidence and power.

 At TOY “Tale of You”, we are devoted to designing pieces that speak to one’s soul and its authentic self, as we believe that everyone has a unique story to be told, and that is what “TALE OF YOU” is all about!

To create artistic pieces with high-quality materials, that provide comfort and luxury, with the greatest aim to support body positivity through our divine designs.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We dream to share a timeless story by bringing creativity and inspiration to every design.